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Gridiron Gas was founded by a group of fantasy analysts from southern California before expanding coast to coast. Our analysts have their own variations for projections that range from complex algorithms to "gut feelings." The analysts compete against each other in various leagues including a league with listeners from the Gridiron Gas Fantasy Football Podcast on iTunes. With  back to back Top 8 overall finishes in the FantasyPros Expert Analyst Accuracy Rankings for 2016 and 2017, Gridiron Gas will continue to help you win #BurritoBets again in 2018! Follow the team online @GridironGas.

Dr. B
Dr. B began working on fantasy football statistics while doing research at the University of California. After moving east for law school, he continued the Gridiron Gas Fantasy Football Podcast along with fantasy football player rankings. With weekly rankings of the top 400 fantasy prospects, Dr. B continues to stay current on every NFL player you need to know to win burrito bets. Dr. B is a FantasyPros Expert Analyst and a member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association. Dr. B's favorite players include Gary Barnidge (NFL), Alex Ovechkin (NHL), Stephen Strasburg (MLB), and anyone who can take the USMNT to the World Cup. 

For Rome, the fascination dates back to the late 90's when he woke up early before school to play Madden NFL '98 with the all-time-great Barry Sanders. Rome now favors running backs in fantasy drafts and has no problem drafting 7-10 in a standard league. Keep a look out for Rome's fantasy filth after Fridays on the Podcast where you might hear about the sleeper running backs to pick up in your league. In his spare time, Rome can be found doing mock drafts year-round and watching ESPN for updates on his favorite teams: the Detroit Lions, the New York Yankees, and the Washington Capitals.

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