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Gauntlet 2018

This is your chance to compete against the analysts from Gridiron Gas! Interested in a more challenging fantasy football experience with tough match ups in an expanded league? If that sounds like you, then Gauntlet is the league you've been looking for! Gauntlet is a 14-team fantasy football league with custom rosters. 


Registration for Gauntlet is processed through the application below. See more information about the league below. 

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Team Roster

Each week, coaches set a roster of seven active starters and may have one additional player in the bench slot. Weekly roster requirements include one quarterback, one running back, one wide receiver, one tight end, one kicker, one defense/special teams unit, and three flex players. For the flex slot, coaches may choose to start a running back, wide receiver, or tight end. Quarterbacks, kickers, and defenses cannot be used for the flex slot. No points are awarded for the bench slot. Does your player have a bye week?  Did he show up on the injury report? Gauntlet forces coaches to decide whether they're going to drop the dead weight or drag the ball and chain. 


Fantasy Draft

Coaches have the opportunity to draft their fantasy football team during a scheduled snake draft that takes place during the NFL preaseason. The draft order will be randomly generated 30 minutes prior to the scheduled draft time. Coaches will receive more information regarding the draft by email. During the draft, coaches have 60 seconds to draft each player for their team. If a player is not selected within the 60 seconds, the computer automatically selects a player for that team. This is a redraft league, so there are no keeper selections or future draft pick options.

Season Schedule

The regular season takes place from week 1 to week 13. During the regular season, coaches compete weekly in head-to-head competition against another team that is selected through the randomly generated schedule. During the fantasy football playoffs (weeks 14-16), the top eight coaches compete in the fantasy playoffs. The remaining teams are eliminated from Gauntlet for the year. The playoffs are structured in a standard 8-team bracket system with single elimination and no re-seeding. Lose in the playoffs and your season is over, so check your playoff seed to see where your team stacks up. 

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Trading Players

Coaches may trade their players to another coach during the regular season. The trade review period is one day. Vetoes are not allowed as trades will be reviewed by the commissioner; generally for collusion purposes only. The trade deadline is December 6, 2018 at 5:00am CST.

Waiver Wire

The waiver wire is a priority system used for adding free agents. Players are added to the waiver wire following the fantasy draft, when the player is dropped, and all free agents after game start. If an owner wants to acquire a player from the waiver wire, they can place a claim to the waiver system. Players are placed on waivers for 24 hours after being dropped. Recently added players are locked. Waivers are processed on Wednesdays. The waiver claim order does not reset.


Participation in Gauntlet is on a voluntary basis and is not guaranteed. One submission per person. Multiple submissions will be removed from entry. Due to inactivity or inappropriate conduct, coaches may be removed from competing in Gauntlet at the sole discretion of Gridiron Gas. Rules are subject to change as needed.

League Settings

There is no transaction limit. Add,  trade, and make waiver claims to your heart's desire. The typical waiver claim system is used. Lineup slots are locked individually at the player's game time. The individual game tiebreaker is (1) Most total starter combined TDs; (2) Highest individual starter score; and (3) Higher bench points total. The regular season tiebreaker is (1) Best head-to-head record; (2) Most average points per game; (3) Hardest schedule record; and (4) Hardest schedule points. Official stat changes are retroactively applied and may alter outcomes.

League Scoring


1 point for every 25 Passing Yards (0.04 per)
6 points for every Passing TD
-2 points for every Interception


1 point for every 10 Rushing Yards (0.1 per)
6 points for every Rushing TD


1 point for every 10 Receiving Yards (0.1 per)
1 point for every Catch (TE only)
6 points for every Receiving TD


3 points for every Field Goal Made
2 points for every Field Goal Made of 50+ yards
1 point for every XP Made


1 point for every 20 Kick Return Yards (0.05 per)
1 point for every 10 Punt Return Yards (0.1 per)
6 points for every Kick/Punt Return TD

Offense Miscellaneous

6 points for every Offensive Fumble Recovery TD
2 points for every 2pt Conversion
-1 point for every Fumble
-1 point for every Fumble Lost


6 points for every Defensive TD
2 points for every Interception
2 points for every Sack
2 points for every Safety
2 points for every 2pt Conversion Return
1 point for every Fumble Forced
1 point for every Fumble Recovered
-1 point for every 10 Points Allowed (-0.1 per)

Fractional points and negative points are used in Gauntlet.