The Challenge - Week 1

And welcome back to The Challenge! Below are the contestants in The Challenge this season. Good luck to everyone and stay tuned to The Podcast to hear how the league is going. The top eight teams make the championship playoffs bracket, while the bottom eight teams will compete in the consolation bracket.

  1. Braxton from Gridiron Gas
  2. Brenndan from Gridiron Gas
  3. Tydey
  4. el niner tejano
  5. Jameis's Crab Shack
  6. YFPFP
  7. Team Becker
  8. CRSantillan16
  9. 52ShadesOfClay
  10. Tannesaurus Rex
  11. Game Over
  12. breadwinnerDC
  13. Geno's Jaw
  14. FC Evolucion
  15. Fanz football
  16. dr3ammusic