The Challenge - Week 4

And welcome back to The Challenge! The disappointing results for week three are in. With the incredible Monday night shootout between the Chiefs and Packers, fantasy coaches went over the rainbow or under the bus. "Once undefeated but no longer undefeated Braxton" was demolished by 52ShadesOfClay who started 5 Packers in a 128-83 matchup. Braxton's team had underwhelming performances from Rivers, Stewart, Robinson, Bennett, and Crowell along with zero points from Chris Ivory and Matt Prater. There was little hope on Monday night against the high-scoring offensive production from James Jones, Cobb, Starks, Crosby, and Rodgers. 52ShadesOfClay now takes the lead in the league standings. Braxton (2-1) will compete against Team Becker (2-1) in week four. 

The combination of Rodgers (44.9 points), Fitzgerald (25.4), Keenan Allen (25.3), and the Arizona Cardinals (31.0) made it Game Over for Brenndan's struggling team this week in a 185-119 matchup. With six players scoring five points or less, it didn't matter that Brenndan started Devonta Freeman with his and 141 yards and 3 touchdowns (second most fantasy points in the league this week). After starting off with the unparalleled most difficult season (measured by Points Against), it should be an easier matchup for Brenndan in week 4 as he takes on dr3ammusic (1-2). 

52ShadesOfClay defeated Braxton 128-83
Team Becker defeated Tannesaurus Rex 106-78
Geno's Jaw defeated FC Evolucion 108-103
el niner tejano defeated Tydey 106-94
dr3ammusic defeated SKEETMASTER 119-117
CRSantillan16 defeated YFPFP 124-91
Game Over defeated Brenndan 185-119
BreadwinnerDC defeated Fanz football 124-104


  1. 52ShadesOfClay
  2. BreadwinnerDC
  3. CRSantillan16
  4. FC Evolucion
  5. Game Over
  6. Braxton
  7. Team Becker
  8. Tannesaurus Rex
  9. Fanz football
  10. Tydey
  11. el niner tejano
  12. YFPFP
  13. dr3eammusic
  14. Geno's Jaw
  16. Brenndan