Trading Post - Week 3

Player A:
Traded away RB Frank Gore
Traded away WR Larry Fitzgerald

Player B:
Traded away QB Andrew Luck
Traded away RB Giovani Bernard

Brenndan's Take:
Wow, what a trade. This one is real provocative. Frank Gore was drafted as a top 15 RB, but currently ranks outside the top 60 RBs with only 88 rushing yards and a fumble over the first two games. Larry Fitzgerald has posted 199 yards and 3 touchdowns. On the other end of the trade, Giovani got 20 touches for 123 yards after fellow teammate Jeremy Hill fumbled on Sunday. Luck is currently ranked #24 in fantasy points for quarterbacks in the league. The big question here is whether the first two weeks represent the rest of the season for these players or whether the first two weeks were merely a fluke.