The Challenge - Week 3

And welcome back to The Challenge! The results for week two are in and Braxton took down the giant Tannesaurs Rex in a 115-62 match up. After taking a 9.5 point lead by Braxton, there was no turning back as Tannesaurus Rex never caught up. It was an easy defeat with WR Odell Beckham Jr as the only player who scored double digit points for Tannesaurus Rex. WR Roddy White, WR Greg Jennings, and Miami Dolphins defense all scored zero points for Tannesaurus Rex. For Braxton, WR Allen Robinson came through with 155 yards and two touchdowns combining for 23% of his team's fantasy production in week 2. Braxton (2-0) will compete against 52ShadesOfClay (2-0) in week three. Brenndan starts off the season 0-2 after losing to the undefeated breadwinnerDC 132-100 with the unexpected production from WR Travis Benjamin who posted the most points in the league this week (37 points). Wide receivers Calvin Johnson and Demaryius Thomas combined for over 25 fantasy points, but Brenndan was plagued by several underperforms including TE Zach Ertz, WR Nelson Agholor, WR Eddie Royal, and K Adam Vinatieri. Brenndan (0-2) will compete against Game Over (1-1) in week three.

Braxton defeated Tannesaurus Rex 115-62
52ShadesOfClay defeated Geno's Jaw 113-78
Team Becker defeated el niner tejano 96-82
FC Evolucion defeated dr3ammusic 139-87
CRSantillan16 defeated Tydey 91-76
Game Over defeated Jameis's Crab Shack 123-82
Fanz football defeated YFPFP 167-131
BreadwinnerDC defeated Brenndan 132-100


  1. FC Evolucion
  2. 52ShadesOfClay
  3. BreadwinnerDC
  4. Braxton
  5. CRSantillan16
  6. Tydey
  7. Fanz football
  8. YFPFP
  9. Game Over
  10. Team Becker
  11. Tannesaurus Rex
  12. dr3eammusic
  13. Geno's Jaw
  14. el niner tejano
  15. Jameis's Crab Shack
  16. Brenndan