The Challenge - Week 2

And welcome back to The Challenge! The results for week one are in and Brenndan has already fallen hard to @YFPFP in a 134-53 loss. Brenndan attempted to start QB Joe Flacco and both of the Charger's RBs Woodhead and Gordon. By pairing those running backs with a great set of receivers (Calvin, Demaryius, and Andre Johnson), Brenndan was assured he would stack solid against the likes of Eric Decker, Golden Tate, and Marques Colston who were started by YFPFP. Brenndan's starting receivers combined for 12.3 points this week along with zero points from WR DeVante Parker, K Adam Vinatieri, and QB Joe Flacco. Braxton held strong defeating Geno's Jaw 120-99. The Rams defense, TE Jason Witten, and QB Phillip Rivers accounted for more than 51% of Braxton's production in week one. Geno's Jaw put together a solid week one outing with Luck (21 points) and Julio Jones (26 points), but was let down by Devin Hester, Michael Floyd, Mohamed Sanu, Doug Baldwin, and the Texans defense who all scored less than 5 points respectively. See below for the week one outcome of The Challenge.

Braxton defeated Geno's Jaw 120-99
Tannesaurus Rex defeated el niner tejano 96-77
52ShadesOfClay defeated dr3ammusic 138-113
CRSantillan16 defeated Team Becker 88-72
FC Evolucion defeated Game Over 143-105
Tydey defeated Fanz football 108-86
BreadwinnerDC defeated Jameis's Crab Shack 109-75
YFPFP defeated Brenndan 134-53