Major Players - Week 1

Major Players includes a list of quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends who finish in the top ten at their respective positions each week. The number next to the players names indicate how many weeks they have finished in the top ten. This is an update from the previous week's NFL games.

For week 1, we are listing the top 5 players from each position from 2014. Check back during week 2 for the first rendition of 2015's Major Players.


  1. A Luck
  2. A Rodgers
  3. P Manning
  4. B Roethlisberger
  5. D Brees

Running Backs

  1. D Murray
  2. L Bell
  3. M Lynch
  4. M Forte
  5. A Foster

Wide Receivers

  1. A Brown
  2. J Nelson
  3. D Thomas
  4. D Bryant
  5. O Beckham

Tight Ends

  1. R Gronkowski
  2. A Gates
  3. J Graham
  4. G Olson
  5. M Bennett