The Challenge - Week 14

And welcome back to The Challenge! This was the final week of the regular season, so congratulations to the top 8 teams that made the playoffs. The bottom 8 teams can still compete in the Consolation bracket during the playoffs. Braxton scored over 94 points with the help of Ben Roethlisberger, Allen Robinson, and Brandon Marshall alone. Big Ben and Robinson scored their highest weekly point totals on the year. With an additional 76 points from other players on his team, Braxton took down the third place team in the league 170-86. Braxton finished the week with the highest score in the league and one of the largest margin of victory in league history. CRSantillan dropped to playoff seed #5 with this loss, but she may get a rematch during the fantasy playoffs. Brenndan needed a win this week to make the playoffs. Brenndan has scored the fourth most Points For in the league, but has suffered the most difficult schedule of any team; amassing 1,484 Points Against on the season. Fortunately for Brenndan, he pulled off a close win on Monday Night Football as Cowboys' running back Darren McFadden had his first multiple fumble game of his career. Those fumbles help Brenndan defeat Tannesaurus Rex 130-124. Braxton (11-2) will match up against 52ShadesOfClay (7-6) in the first week of the fantasy playoffs. Brenndan (7-6) will get a #burritobet rematch against @YFPFP. YFPFP has averaged only 2.5 points per game more than Brenndan over the season. They should be in for a close match up.

Braxton defeated CRSantillan16 170-86
Brenndan defeated Tannesaurus Rex 130-124
dr3ammusic defeated Game Over 81-78
el niner tejano defeated Fanz football 152-63
Geno's Jaw defeated breadwinnerDC 152-84
YFPFP defeated 52ShadesOfClay 131-97
Skeetmaster defeated Team Becker 138-55
FC Evolucion defeated Tydey 137-116

Final Standings of Regular Season:

  1. Braxton
  2. el niner tejano
  3. YFPFP
  4. FC Evolucion
  5. CRSantillan16
  6. Brenndan
  7. Tannesaurus Rex
  8. 52ShadesOfClay
  9. Geno's Jaw
  10. Tydey
  11. dr3eammusic
  12. BreadwinnerDC
  14. Game Over
  15. Fanz football
  16. Team Becker