The Challenge - Week 16

And welcome back to The Challenge! This was the Semifinals of the playoffs. Braxton turned the heat this week posting one of the highest scores in the league with 171 points. Unfortunately, he dropped WR DeSean Jackson for RB Denard Robinson; a decision that resulted in negative 16 points for the week. If Braxton started Jackson, it would have been the highest scoring week of any team this season. Brenndan had a #burritobet rematch against el niner tejano. Both teams were upset by lower seeded teams in the quarterfinals. This match up was projected 127 to 121 in favor of el niner tejano. However, Cam Newton tried to seal off the MVP race with 340 passing yards, 100 rushing yards, and six touchdowns. The playoffs haven't been favorable for el niner tejano, but Brenndan may have turned his team around with a 164 point performance this week. Braxton will get a rematch against YFPFP in the Championships, while Brenndan is projected to finish in 5th place.

Championship Bracket
Braxton defeated FC Evolucion 171-118
YFPFP defeated Tannesaurus Rex 125-101
CRSantillan defeated 52ShadesOfClay 112-95
Brenndan defeated el niner tejano 164-96

Consolation Bracket
Skeetmaster defeated Team Becker 120-113
dr3ammusic defeated Fanz football 125-48
Geno's Jaw defeate breadwinnerDC 125-66
Tydey defeated Game Over 91-57