The Challenge - Week 15

And welcome back to The Challenge! This was the Quarterfinals of the playoffs and 52ShadesOfClay was let down Andy Dalton, Alfred Blue, and DeVante Parker who combined for less than two fantasy points. Braxton won 110 to 43 as RB Jeremy Langford was 52ShadesOfClay's second-highest scoring player with only 6 points. Brenndan was projected to pull off an upset early in his first match of the playoffs against YFPFP, but it didn't work out as planned. Even though their season point total is separated by only two points per game, YFPFP pulled off a victory in both match ups against Brenndan. In the Semifinals, Braxton will compete against FC Evolucion, while Brenndan will try to stay alive against el niner tejano who was also upset in the quarterfinals. 

Championship Bracket
Braxton defeated 52ShadesOfClay 110-43
FC Evolucion defeated CRSantillan16 134-88
YFPFP defeated Brenndan 98-76
Tannesaurus Rex defeated el niner tejano 139-121

Consolation Bracket
Team Becker defeated Geno's Jaw 128-122
Skeetmaster defeated breadwinnerDC 135-79
dr3ammusic defeated Game Over 92-59
Fanz football defeated Tydey 85-79