The Challenge - Week 13

And welcome back to The Challenge! Braxton destroyed Game Over in one of the largest blowouts of the season. With 25 points from Brandon Marshall and 23 points from Ben Roethlisberger, there was no stopping his team this week. Brenndan took another tough loss to el niner tejano who put up the most points in the league this week. WR Calvin Johnson had an incredible Thanksgiving game with 27 fantasy points, but it wasn't enough to make up for the disappointing Demaryius Thomas, Danny Woodhead, or Stefon Diggs. Braxton (10-2) will match up against the third ranked team in the league CRSantillan16 (8-4) next week. Brenndan (6-6) will fight like a dinosaur for a playoff spot against Tannesaurus Rex (7-5). 

Braxton defeated Game Over 127-49
el niner tejano defeated Brenndan 150-114
CRSantillan16 defeated Fanz football 85-52
dr3ammusic defeated breadwinnerDC 87-29
YFPFP defeated Geno's Jaw 132-123
Tannesaurus Rex defeated Skeetmaster 122.74-122.10
52ShadesOfClay defeated Tydey 82-73
FC Evolucion defeated Team Becker 132-89


  1. Braxton
  2. el niner tejano
  3. CRSantillan16
  4. YFPFP
  5. FC Evolucion
  6. Tannesaurus Rex
  7. 52ShadesOfClay
  8. Brenndan
  9. Tydey
  10. Geno's Jaw
  11. BreadwinnerDC
  12. Game Over
  13. dr3eammusic
  15. Fanz football
  16. Team Becker