Trading Post - Week 9

Team A:
Traded away RB James Starks

Team B:
Traded away WR Jarvis Landry

Braxton's Take:
RB James Starks will be the cowbell running back in the Packers offense. He hasn't been named the starter yet, but we have seen Eddie Lacy struggle all year. Starks had 95 yards in week 2 on 20 carries. Starks had 112 yards on 10 carries and a touchdown in week six. Week seven was a bye for the Packers and Starks came down with a hip injury. Do not let this injury frighten you. Cheeseburger Eddie won't be coming around any time soon as he hasn't had double digit fantasy points since week one. 

WR Jarvis Landry ranks in the top 20 for wide receivers in The Challenge. In that league, Landry has scored 9.95 or more yards in every week, however that is in a league that provides scoring for return yards. This is a great opportunity for Landry, but that's not the case for most fantasy leagues. If you're able to cash in on Jarvis Landry and come up on a top 10 running back, now is the time to do it. Once Starks breaks out, it'll be too late and Landry won't be enough to lock down a premier running back this late in the season. This trade is definitely a win for Team A unless your league offers points for return yards.