The Challenge - Week 9

And welcome back to The Challenge! With QB Ryan Tannehill posting a miserable 6.90 fantasy points on Thursday Night Football, Braxton dropped Nate Washington for DeSean Jackson despite him being on a bye week. With Jackson's incredible playoff schedule and the potential to add a WR1/2 before the fantasy playoffs, it seemed like a reasonable decision with a 6-2 win-loss record. YFPFP had a good week with Brian Hoyer exceeding usual expectations and Justin Tucker kicking in 17 fantasy points; third most on YFPFP's team. 

With only four players: Cam Newton, Demaryius Thomas, Michael Crabtree, and the St. Louis Rams, Brenndan was able to let the Skeetmaster go back to his usual activities. Those four players outscored the Skeetmaster's entire team by 10 points. This has been a disappointing season for the Skeetmaster, who was projected as the second best team following the draft. Braxton (6-2) will take on Brenndan (5-3) for a battle on the gridiron next week! 

YFPFP defeated Braxton 126-74
Brenndan defeated Skeetmaster 124-60
Tydey defeated breadwinnerDC 102-100
FC Evolucion defeated Fanz football 121-87
Team Becker defeated Game Over 89-53
CRSantillan16 defeated 52ShadesOfClay 93-47
Tannesaurus Rex defeated dr3ammusic 73-69
el niner tejano defeated Geno's Jaw 123-108


  1. CRSantillan16
  2. Braxton
  3. el niner tejano
  4. Brenndan
  5. 52ShadesOfClay
  6. Game Over
  7. Tydey
  8. YFPFP
  9. Tannesaurus Rex
  10. BreadwinnerDC
  11. Geno's Jaw
  12. FC Evolucion
  13. Fanz football
  14. Team Becker
  15. dr3eammusic