The Challenge - Week 12

And welcome back to The Challenge! Brenndan competed against one of the top teams in the league this week and smashed CRSantillan by 35 points. With the loss of Le'Veon Bell, CRSantillan resorted to Chris Johnson and Roy Helu as starting running backs. Brenndan was aided by a smashing performance from Cam Newton, who lead his team in fantasy points for the fourth week in a row with 41 fantasy points. The rest of Brenndan's team was mediocre, but it was enough to hit 100 points and take home a win. Braxton scored the most points in the league even without a kicker to remain in first place. Jeremy Langford scored 20 points less than last week, but that didn't matter as Braxton still had seven players score double digit points. Brenndan (6-5) will take on el niner tejano (7-4), while Braxton (9-2) will match up against Game Over (4-7) next week. 

Braxton defeated Fanz football 111-33
Brenndan defeated CRSantillan16 103-68
BreadwinnerDC defeated Game Over 107-80
YFPFP defeated dr3ammusic 93-91
Skeetmaster defeated el niner tejano 96-64
Geno's Jaw defeated Tydey 78-72
FC Evolucion defeated Tannesaurus Rex 63-47
52ShadesOfClay defeated Team Becker 87-82


  1. Braxton
  2. el niner tejano
  3. CRSantillan16
  4. YFPFP
  5. Brenndan
  6. Tydey
  7. FC Evolucion
  8. Tannesaurus Rex
  9. 52ShadesOfClay
  10. Geno's Jaw
  11. BreadwinnerDC
  12. Game Over
  14. Fanz football
  15. dr3eammusic
  16. Team Becker