Weekly Winners - Week 10

Week 10

Braxton and Brenndan both pick their weekly winners for this week of the NFL season. The diamond ◊ indicates correct picks for each match up. At the end of the season, we'll see how each of the analysts predicted the weekly winners. After week ten, Brenndan leads with 84 correct picks and Braxton trails with 83. 

Bills @ Jets
Braxton: Jets
Brenndan: Jets

Jaguars @ Ravens
Braxton: Jaguars ◊
Brenndan: Jaguars ◊
Browns @ Steelers
Braxton: Browns
Brenndan: Browns
Panthers @ Titans
Braxton: Panthers ◊
Brenndan: Titans
Bears @ Rams
Braxton: Rams
Brenndan: Rams
Cowboys @ Buccaneers
Braxton: Buccaneers ◊
Brenndan: Cowboys
Lions @ Packers
Braxton: Packers
Brenndan: Packers
Dolphins @ Eagles
Braxton: Dolphins ◊
Brenndan: Eagles
Saints @ Redskins
Braxton: Redskins ◊
Brenndan: Saints
Vikings @ Raiders
Braxton: Vikings ◊
Brenndan: Raiders
Chiefs @ Broncos
Braxton: Broncos
Brenndan: Chiefs ◊
Patriots @ Giants
Braxton: Patriots ◊
Brenndan: Patriots ◊
Cardinals @ Seahawks
Braxton: Seahawks
Brenndan: Cardinals ◊

Texans @ Bengals
Braxton: Bengals
Brenndan: Bengals