The Challenge - Week 5

And welcome back to The Challenge! Gridiron Gas takes home a few wins in the podcast league this week. Braxton handled Team Becker in a 123-63 defeat, which was one of the largest margin of victory in the league this season. Interestingly, a different player has led Braxton's team in scoring every week. This week, it was Chris Ivory bringing home the burritos. Ivory's fantasy score alone accounted for more points than Frank Gore, Emmanuel Sanders, Greg Olsen, Malcom Floyd, Phillip Dorsett, Lorenzo Taliaferro, and Tevin Coleman combined who all started for Team Becker in week four. Next week, Braxton (3-1) takes on FC Evolucion (2-2). Braxton has two running backs and a kicker on bye with Dez Bryant taking up the one bench slot, while FC Evolucion gets back Tom Brady and Dion Lewis.

None-the-less, Brenndan nosed past dr3ammusic in a narrow victory 110-105 as both teams failed to meet their projected scores. If it wasn't for Devonta Freeman's back to back 3 touchdown games, Brenndan would not have managed to hold on to this victory. Freeman's fantasy score accounted for nearly 30% of Brenndan's team total in week four. Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson, and Arian Foster were big let downs this week combining for 5.1 points total. RB Lance Dunbar jumped off the line to a great start for Rosario with 54 yards on three carries before tearing his ACL and ending the season. Good luck to dr3ammusic who will need to find a replacement on the waiver wire for the top 25 ranked running back. Brenndan (1-3) will be challenged by Geno's Jaw (2-2) in a heated matchup next week. Geno's Jaw will be able to start Martavis Bryant who has been on suspension, while Brenndan's QB Cam Newton is out on a bye. 

Braxton defeated Team Becker 123-63
Brenndan defeated dr3ammusic 110-105
52ShadesOfClay defeated FC Evolucion 86-43
Tydey defeated Tannesaurus Rex 104-80
Geno's Jaw defeated Skeetmaster 90-62
el niner tejano defeated YFPFP 149-111
CRSantillan16 defeated breadwinnerDC 100-77
Game Over defeated Fanz football 97-86


  1. 52ShadesOfClay
  2. CRSantillan16
  3. Game Over
  4. Braxton
  5. BreadwinnerDC
  6. Geno's Jaw
  7. Team Becker
  8. el niner tejano
  9. FC Evolucion
  10. Tydey
  11. Fanz football
  12. YFPFP
  13. Brenndan
  14. dr3eammusic
  15. Tannesaurus Rex