The Challenge - Week 8

Looks like the Skeetmaster was busy taking up other activities this week as he started three players with zero or less points against Braxton. Either way, it was still a close match up with Braxton defeating Skeetmaster 127-116. With Ryan Tannehill and Mike Evans coming together for 58 fantasy points on the week, Braxton leads the league with the highest points per game average at 115. Skeetmaster suffers from a 1-6 record from the 92 point per game average. Up next, Braxton (6-1) faces YFPFP (3-4) who averages 113 points per game.

Brenndan and FC Evolucion posted the two highest scores in the league this week. Unfortunately, one of these monsters had to fall and this time it was FC Evolucion, who is now 2-5 and ranked 13th in the league. Brenndan (4-3) has the second highest points per game average in the league and will try to catch the Skeetmaster (1-6) while he's busy next week.