The Challenge - Week 7

And welcome back to The Challenge! Megatron returns to the fashion and style that made him a household name. Calvin "Megatron" Johnson posted 22.6 fantasy points this week to add upon Devonta Freeman's 27.6 points to help Brenndan defeat the once undefeated but no longer undefeated 52ShadesOfClay 134-90. With TE Jason Witten on a bye this week, 52ShadesOfClay chose to hang on and take the zero. This may have cost him the game. Brenndan was let down by Melvin Gordon who scored negative points this week, but there was still enough in the tank to finish the week. Brenndan (3-3) will take on FC Evolucion (2-4) in week seven.

With the swift Wednesday pickup of QB Ryan Tannehill over the injured Tyrod Taylor, Braxton plowed through Tydey who was projected during the preseason as Braxton's most difficult matchup of the year. RB Chris Ivory lead the way with 25.6 fantasy points, followed up by Jonathan Steward with 20.6 and Tannehill with 20 points. Tydey was let down by running backs Adrian Peterson and Alfred Morris who combined for 7.9 points on the day. With a Monday night rally from the Eagles' defense, Tydey nearly had enough points to come up on a win, but 23 points was just not enough. In week seven, Braxton will need to pull a rabbit out of a hat to win against the #16 ranked team Skeetmaster as he is currently projected to lose if Dez Bryant, Brandon LaFell, and Martellus Bennett do not play. 

Braxton defeated Tydey 111-89
Brenndan defeated 52ShadesOfClay 134-90
Skeetmaster defeated FC Evolucion 118-97
YFPFP defeated Team Becker 110-94
Tannesaurus Rex defeated breadwinnerDC 99-42
Geno's Jaw defeated Fanz football 129-95
el niner tejano defeated Game Over 139-105
dr3ammusic defeated CRSantillan16 107-82


  1. 52ShadesOfClay
  2. Braxton
  3. CRSantillan16
  4. el niner tejano
  5. Game Over
  6. Tydey
  7. BreadwinnerDC
  8. Tannesaurus Rex
  9. Brenndan
  10. Geno's Jaw
  11. FC Evolucion
  12. Fanz football
  13. YFPFP
  14. dr3eammusic
  15. Team Becker