The Challenge - Week 6

And welcome back to The Challenge! Gridiron Gas puts up a few more wins in the podcast league this week. With a few late adds before Sunday's games started, Braxton gained 37.4 points from Thomas Rawls and Marquess Wilson to defeat FC Evolucion 122-102. With Jonathan Stewart and Chris Ivory on a bye, Braxton did not start one flex or a kicker. Braxton continues to change his lineup and has had a different player lead his team in scoring each week. FC Evolucion was let down by Antonio Brown and Amari Cooper who scored 5.8 points each. Next week, Braxton (4-1) takes on Tydey (3-2). As Thomas Rawls provided a solid win for Braxton this week, we'll see if Marshawn Lynch returns to his starting role in week 6.

Devonta Freeman ran away with the ball for 153 rushing yards, 44 receiving yards, and a touchdown to help Brenndan throw a knockout punch to Geno's Jaw 115-82. Neither Brenndan or Geno's Jaw hit this week's projections. Geno's Jaw may have had a chance if it wasn't from the trio of doughnuts provided by Karlos Williams, Martavis Bryant, and the Houston Texans. Brenndan (2-3), who is on a two game winning streak, will try to topple the league leader 52ShadesOfClay (5-0) in week 6 starting with Thursday's game between Devonta Freeman and Khiry Robinson.

Braxton defeated FC Evolucion 122-102
Brenndan defeated Geno's Jaw 115-82
Tydey defeated Team Becker 91-43
52ShadesOfClay defeated Skeetmaster 81-77
Tannesaurus Rex defeated YFPFP 146-103
el niner tejano defeated breadwinnerDC 96-95
Fanz football defeated dr3ammusic 70-46
CRSantillan16 defeated Game Over 113-91


  1. 52ShadesOfClay
  2. CRSantillan16
  3. Braxton
  4. el niner tejano
  5. Game Over
  6. BreadwinnerDC
  7. Tydey
  8. Brenndan
  9. Team Becker
  10. Geno's Jaw
  11. FC Evolucion
  12. Fanz football
  13. Tannesaurus Rex
  14. YFPFP
  15. dr3eammusic